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How partnering with us for your cloud carrier services will help you build strong and exciting customer relationships

As an Information Communication Technology (ICT) company, you must be able to provide your customers with innovative technologies. This is why cloud solutions are unavoidable.
So, if you want to get started with this right away, without having to invest in any technical or human capital, United-IP is the best choice for you. We are here. Incognito and behind your scenes.
Ready to provide cloud solutions.

The details in focus: carrier management

What or where – how much or how long? As an innovative technology partner for cloud carrier services, we can tell you exactly how long your customers call which countries, and which costs are incurred with which providers. Our flexible and comprehensive dashboard, quickly gives you an overview of all activities: How many customers are online? How much total revenue is generated by these customers? Are your customers’ habits changing? United-IP has the answers for you.

Our transparency is your DNA

As a reputable and trustworthy cloud carrier service partner, operating behind your scenes, we make usage behavior transparent. Your advantage: precise and detailed monitoring of your customers’ habits, which enables an even more custom-tailored customer relationship. And it provides more certainty! Our carrier management supports your effort to retain each and every customer that your competition is constantly trying to steal. With the help of United-IP’s carrier management, you can get even closer to your customers – and stay there.

From acquisition to retention: customer management

New or old – large or small? As an ICT company your customer data represents your capital. To make sure you are not just managing it, but – rather cleverly – letting it work for you too, a high-performance, intuitive and useable Customer Management Systems (CRM) must be implemented. The solutions that United-IP offers, expand your possibilities – simply, easily and quickly. These tools will help you automate the collection of all relevant customer data.

We will help you grow

Incorporate your CRM into your company’s telephony and be able to retrieve all customer parameters directly from each call. Add to or expand this in any way you want, thereby making use of our technically sound foundation for your growth-oriented customer database. Thanks to United-IP – your trustworthy cloud carrier service partner behind the scenes – you are just one click away from having a perfectly organized customer database for your daily business.

Customized to the max: product management

Think big – even on Fridays. As your flexible and dynamic cloud carrier service partner, we jump into action – even when you take on a new customer on a Friday, for example. We will take time over the weekend to analyze your customer’s desired parameters and initiate the processes necessary for the implementation – as customized as possible! We begin by looking at the lines and reviewing the bandwidth, as well as the telephony’s technical configuration. And, we never overlook the technical requirements for features, like access controls, which we also easily take care of.

How to make it a piece of cake for your customers – and yourself.

Your customer places an order with you, you pass the job on to United-IP and we begin with the implementation, by searching for the best solutions the ICT world has to offer, which also suit your customer’s unique needs – and we will find them. In doing so, our experts operate exclusively behind your scenes and incognito. The best part of that: Once the system has been installed, you can communicate all the parameters to your end-user with the help of our portal, around the clock. You need an analysis of which cost centers required which services? No problem – our portal makes this possible. Your client can access a breakdown of each type of voice-over IP service with the help of our portal, and this data can be further divided into the most detailed categories. How does that benefit you? All you have to do is send your client the final invoice – your customer already knows all the details. That’s practical, don’t you agree?

The be-all and end-all: stable voice services

Short and automated, or long and personal? However unique your customers and their telephony habits are, as their ICT service provider, you must be equally flexible when implementing contemporary voice services, to ensure that new customers become long-term customers. United-IP can do this for you.

We make your customers’ wishes come true

You can leave us to manage these voice services on our platform, yet in the background, which allows you to simply concentrate on customer service. As an established IT service provider, technologies designed to manage voice mailboxes, answering machines & co. are our bread and butter. By serving as your reliable cloud carrier service partner, we make sure that your customers’ wishes come true. Sounds good, don’t you think?

Disconnection can be positive – Cloud V#PBX foregoes connections

Cloud, or no cloud – is that really still being questioned today? We believe it is, and we also have the most advanced and intelligent perfect response: Cloud V#PBX. The best part of this: it is plausible, and thus unrivaled, as we are deliberately abandoning the hosted system’s connection to the SIP provider. Why? Simply because – as a professional cloud carrier – we can. And, because we know that, up until today, this is not being implemented – neither for hosted on-premise versions, nor multi-client cloud telecommunication systems. With our Cloud V#PBX, we are on the cutting edge – leading the paradigm shift. This transforms us from a professional cloud carrier service partner to being your reliable partner, who operates behind the scenes and will eliminate non-quantifiable sources of errors.

White Label – for immediate use

Another strong argument that speaks for us: We lower your surcharges, because updates to the operating system are just as fast and easy as generating back-up versions, thanks to Cloud V#PBX. How do we do this? The White Label Cloud V#PBX is a redundant App. So, you already profit from the integration of the app in our carrier system, which reduces a significant number of your potential problem zones. Thanks to redundancy, your services will also keep on running. Always – even during downtimes due to updates or maintenance. As your cloud carrier service partner, providing your V#PBX Cloud, we guarantee the most up-to-date technology, as well as its continuous development. This is how we serve as your professional cloud carrier service partner behind your scenes. And, in doing so, we are your reliable provider.

The reason why your customers still value fax services

It’s hard to believe, but true: long live the fax! Managers and executive board members at large ICT companies have told us: they cannot live without this yet! Whether in the public health sector, the pharmaceutical industry, industrial production, associated companies and joint ventures, a luxury mountain hotel, or public service: Whenever e-mails are not wanted – or permitted – as a form of communication, faxing is still the accepted analog alternative. Are you interested in providing your customers with modern and fail-safe fax services? Then United-IP has a lot to offer – no less because our technicians have been continuously developing and improving fax technology.

Not everyone offers quick and simple

It is our aim to gladly implement fail-safe analog fax equipment in IP networks, too, in order to ensure that a secure transmission of data is possible. Do your clients continue to look for professional and reliable faxing functions? Stability? Simplicity? Nothing could be easier: We operate as your cloud carrier service partner behind the scenes. Even when it comes to faxing.

The source of business life: internet services

Not all internet is created equal! You must have become aware of this no later than the invention of fiber optics. Although United-IP may not lay the lines for you, but we can still provide a great number of benefits as a telecommunication company. Whenever it is necessary to evaluate the technology available at your customers’ site, and how to best utilize these options, we serve as your flexible cloud carrier service partner, who operates behind the scenes.

You have the customers; we have the technology – check!

We can tell you whether all of the benefits that fiber optics offer are actually available to your end-users, or if the existing copper lines need to be used (for the time being). We will help you find the best local provider for customers that require their company structures to be implemented across multiple locations, and we will help you acquire these services. Your advantage: You acquire the customer and bill your services – we take care of the rest for you – from the availability check to the provider analysis. This is how we, at United-IP, guarantee the greatest bandwidth at the best price – for both copper and fiber optics.

A must-have: infrastructure as a service

An SME or a large corporation? Having to transform your company’s operating systems and applications into a functioning infrastructure yourself, as well as evaluating and implementing the necessary processing capabilities and data storage, are all a thing of the past! Today, we are here as your high-performance tech partner, who works in the background to provide and implement Infrastructure as a Service (IasS), on your behalf. It begins with our comprehensive ICT resources, such as processing power, storage or network capacities – including all interfaces, of course.

It can never be big enough!

All in all, our Infrastructure as a Service provides your company with IP telephony solution – quickly and easily. This makes uncomplicated bookkeeping using DATEV in the cloud possible, and you can implement a building management system with the most modern access control – to name just a few options. As your reliable cloud carrier service partner, we install optimally prepared lines for all of your services. And, if you want detailed monthly, or quarterly analyses regarding the IT performance of a particular subsidiary, an individual’s workstation, or the users, we will be happy to provide that, too. In fact, to us, being the perfect cloud carrier service partner also means, that we are open to providing all options that can help you change and grow, especially with regard to IT peripherals – at any time.

Why ordering has to be simple – and fast

Highly complex or comparatively simple? As an ICT company, your customers measure you primarily according to how fast and satisfactory your service is. It begins with their application submission, and continues with the installation, all the way to the performance of the connections and the network. Wouldn’t it be great to have an agile partner at your side, who can not only take care of all these processes, but also speed them up significantly? This is precisely what United-IP can do for you.

How we turn prospective clients into customers

Our ordering platforms are highly automated applications, with which you can turn a prospective client into a satisfied customer – within just a few days. How does this work? We take care of business behind your scenes: Once you register a new customer in our ordering system, we manage the rest – from the pre-configuration of the hardware to the shipping the product. Ultimately, your customer receives a fully functioning connection much faster and more easily than ever before – with hardware and telephony included. And the fact that you can count on us as your professional cloud carrier service partner, will become clear once you see how we can supply your large-scale customers just as quickly as small and mid-size ones.

Finally: simple company-wide documentation

One for all, or all for one? Whether assigning a single IP address, adding data volume or installing an entirely new network: as an ICT company, you understand that the accurate documentation of all data and facts is most important, especially when it comes to corporate customers with complex structures that often span multiple locations. Make the smart choice today, and be able to present all the relevant data to your corporate customers’ IT managers, as well as those responsible for the data processing centers and the administrators on the team level, with just one simple click. Our documentation platform makes this possible

Keep an eye on everything – across all locations

Do your customers have detailed questions about contract management? Are you looking for a breakdown of all the devices and lines? Do you need a comprehensive overview of a company’s IP addresses? Or, would you like to see all the parameters related to the ICT component being used? All of these things can be seen at a glance. You will recognize that we enjoy being the pros in the background, by the fact that we remain invisible to your end-users – despite full data transparency. We are simply your high-performance and trustworthy cloud carrier service partner for IP telephony, who provides support behind your scenes.

Trust is good, and controls are too: billing management

As a batch or individually? When it comes to billing your end-users, that is all we need to know as your competent cloud carrier service partner for voice telephony. Thanks to our applications, you can generate invoices on an individual basis, or country by country, for any particular billing address. Your customer would like to be invoiced for each respective subsidiary? No problem!

There is nothing we don’t know – or can’t do

This also applies when adapting to various types of businesses and, wherever necessary, the subsequent billing methods. As we operate reliably behind the scenes, there is no form of organization or billing module that we cannot implement for you, to help you manage you billing processes.

Clever quantification and intelligent management – that’s how monitoring works

Is it quantifiable or not! As a carrier, you are surely concerned with this question. So, let’s be honest: You can only manage data intelligently – qualitatively and quantitatively – if it is monitored precisely! Our motivation: to provide you, as a carrier, with the best monitoring tool for each situation, which is customized to meet your needs, by using the newest technical developments. No more and no less – this is what we offer, as your problem-solvers behind the scenes. The monitoring tool that we have developed for you can detect any problems quickly and reliably. Based upon this detection, indicators are defined, which enable you to troubleshoot immediately. Problems will no longer get out of control! How do we do this? Our high-performance tool limits errors immediately after they occur. As a carrier, you profit from true transparency – which applies to the entire chain of communication. Compelling graphics and a full range of parameters support you in resolving errors efficiently. Saving measurement data also allows for a retrospective review of your technologies, and thus also a precise analysis.

From problems to solutions – and the best references

Give network problems the red card! Accurately isolate any technical conflicts and trace them back to their cause. Improve your quality: Communicate errors directly to the company providing your lines, or the Internet provider for WAN, for example. Detect problems that occurred at the line terminator, thus the modem, and verify weaknesses in the firewall, recognize conflicts with the LAN provider, or with the Wi-Fi applications. Short and sweet: With us, you have a reliable and professional cloud carrier service partner, who can detect even the slightest technical weaknesses, thanks to our high technical standards for monitoring. We are here for you. And, to protect your reputation.

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